Taksim and Beyoglu

Explore the beauty of Istanbul by visiting its main squares Taksim and Beyoglu located in the heart of the metropolitan city! Being there you will have the unique chance to experience the best of Istanbul because of the various historical and cultural attractions and the endless entertainment options that can be found there.

  • Excellent location with all cafes, bars, historical buildings, shops and life.
  • Wonderful part of the city, 7/24 live and surrounded with history.

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Ortakoy and Besiktas

Are you eager to visit one of the best areas in Istanbul? If yes, take some time to visit the famous Ortakoy neighborhood in Istanbul! The Ortakoy is a part of the Besiktas district and because of its location on the European side of the Bosphorus, a magnificent view over the Marmara Sea will reveal in front of you! And all this combined with the rich historical heritage in the area!

  • Ortakoy has several attractions. Please check detailed information
  • Besiktas has several attractions. Please check detailed information

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Bosphorus Tour

Enjoy the beauty of the Bosphorus - the strait that connects the European and the Asian part of Istanbul. The Bosphorus is considered to be one of the main attractions in the metropolitan city because there are many places of interest located on its surface. Most of them belong to the former Ottoman Empire. What's more visitors can feel the relaxing and inspiring atmosphere of the Marmara Sea.

  • This is the most romantic experience
  • The beauty of the surrounding area is magnificent

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Golden Horn

Enjoy the beauty of the Golden Horn - the body of water that separates the old and the new part of European Istanbul. The Golden Horn is considered to be one of the leading landmarks on the Bosphorus! It is also one of the main symbols in the area because it played a significant role in the historical development of Istanbul. If you want to feel the historical spirit of the metropolitan city, the Golden Horn tour is a good option for you!

  • Its Greek and English names mean the same
  • It has witnessed many tumultuous historical incidents and its dramatic vistas have been the subject of countless works of art.

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Prince's Islands

The Princess Islands are one of the most preferred places to visit in Istanbul. Going there you will be impressed by their extraordinary beauty and charm. Take the chance to escape from your daily - routine and enter a world full of surprises and adventure where you will have the feeling that the time has stopped!

  • They consist of four larger islands - Buyukada (The Large Island), Heybeliada (The Saddlebag Island), Burgazada (name of a mythological figure) and Kinaliada (The Henna Island)
  • In spring and autumn the islands are quieter and more pleasant

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Asian Side

Istanbul - the only one city in the world located on two continents! Both parts of the city - the Europeand and the Asian one are worth visiting! Take part in our Asian side tour and get the chance to enjoy the lively atmosphere of this area! Fun and adventure are guaranteed for everyone! This Asian side tour is undoubtedly worth experiencing and for many travelers it is considered a must while being in Istanbul!

  • Here is placed the notable Kadikoy - the first place of settlement in Istanbul
  • Here is also the Bagdat Street - a very long, tree-lined promenade dotted with European style cafes, restaurants and designer stores

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Polonezkoy Village

What about a tour to one of the most notable villages in Istanbul? We are pleased to offer you your once - in - a lifetime experience in the best known Polonezkoy Village! Here you will enjoy the authentic atmosphere of the Orient by getting in touch with the local customs and traditions! This Polonezkoy Village tour is really worth experiencing and probably your travel to Istanbul will be incomplete of you miss to take part in it!

  • This is the unique Polish village in Istanbul
  • Polonezkoy is a brand new stairway to heaven within Istanbul

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Nisantasi Area

For our most sophisticated clients we have developed our special tour to the Nisantasi area - one of the most popular neighborhoods in contemporary Istanbul! Experience the mixture of old and modern and take the most of your Nisantasi area tour by taking part in activities of your choice!

  • Whatever you want to buy, they've got it in the Nisantasi area of Istanbul.
  • The word Nisantasi literally means Aiming Stone (target stone) in Turkish

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